PallEx 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner

PallEx 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2020-03-09T09:14:40+00:00


Client: PallEx
Event: Gala Dinner
Venue: Celtic Manor

The brief: To produce a gala dinner to celebrate Pall-Ex’s 20th Anniversary. This needed to include plenty of Pall-Ex branding, live camera relay and meet the band’s technical rider requirements. We were tasked with creating something memorable and special, whilst keeping it highly cost-effective.

The solution: We designed a high-impact awards set, featuring a large logo banner against a full width starcloth backdrop. We hung two large projection screens which provided additional branding opportunities as well as being used for the live camera relay. We added plenty of flashy moving lights and haze to create a real party atmosphere, and the lighting states were programmed to change as the night progressed.